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10th January 2024

Support Crew Essentials

Support Crew Essentials List

  • The Tarawera Ultra-Trail by UTMB App: full of key race info and runner tracking with push notifications.
  • The Capra App with Tarawera course loaded: perfect for navigating your way round and seeing where your runner might be at.
  • Runner food: key here is good variation - who knows what your runner might want when they're 10 hours deep into an ultra? Cover all cravings and you'll keep your runner smiling.
  • Runner hydration: again - variation is key. From a few flavours of electrolyte to their favourite sugary beverage to something with an extra "kick"... satisfy their cravings and you'll be their best friend.
  • A plan: probably the most important, knowing when your runner expects to be where is going to be key. Adjust this as they leave each aid station to take in how they're progressing (either faster or slower). Excel is your friend here - the more nerdy your spreadsheet the better.
  • A spare everything: anything can happen in an ultra, and that includes to your runners gear. From spare shoes to socks to clothing to jackets to headlights and more - having a spare will make all the difference in case of the worst.
  • First aid and medical items: while we'll have a medical team on course, for minor medicals like blisters, chaffing or smaller cuts, this is where you can help. Blister and foot care is super important and having plasters and blister pads of all shapes and sizes can help hugely. So can lube (get your mind out of the gutter).
  • Sunscreen: whether it's hot or not, being out in the elements all day will no doubt cause your runners skin some damage! Make sure they're reapplying every couple hours.
  • A camping chair: this is not for you. Your runner will most probably want to sit down for a bit after running for hours on end. A folding camping chair is easy to open up and plop them down on before sending them on their way again and folding back up.
  • A chilly bin - a great place to store food and drink and ice if it's a hot day. Keep it cold, and sneak a few tins into to (for those not driving of course)
  • Wet wipes: a clean face/body/other regions can raise the spirits of runners 10 fold.
  • A blanket: when they arrive at a aid station and stop moving, they're gonna cool down quick, especially overnight when temperatures could fall. A blanket can easily be wrapped around your runner and removed once they get going again. Hot tip: wrap it around yourself while waiting for them to arrive to warm it up!
  • A phone charger/portable charging brick: to keep your phone charged. You'll be taking photos, navigating, tracking them on the app and soaking up battery. Keep it charged and on at all times so you don't miss a thing
  • A portable speaker: does your runner have a favourite tune? Maybe something that really gets them going. Blast that puppy when they're entering the aid station and wait for the smile to emerge!
  • Caffeine/sugar/fuel: this one is for you. You'll need your own stash of goodies to keep you going all day and night and day again - and to keep the energy high for when your runner arrives. Have a designated support crew chilly bin full of your favourite snacks that you can munch on between aid stations (also helps stop you eating your runners food!)
  • A pillow + sleeping bag: this one is also for you - to catch some zzz's in the car between aid stations. Most 100/Miler runners will be out there for at least 20-30 hours, and you're gonna need a few power naps in there to keep you going.
  • Warm clothes: it can get chilly overnight, make sure you rug up.